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Competitive Advantages


Our competitive advantages are nationally recognized in market accounting as innovating for its efficient management and results achieved;


Modern and updated technology park;


Balance sheets sent to customers, up to the following month, with safe information;


Constant investments in intellectual capital;


Fast adaptation to the requirements of Federal, State and Municipal legislation;


Associated with GBrasil, a group that unites accounting firms with vast knowledge and experience in every Brazilian states.

Over 300 client on the areas:

Insdustry / Construction

Business Strategy

We provide specialized service to companies of all sizes which wish to organize accounting records, requiring the information, and value such statements as fundamental to corporate decision making.

Our Company

Founded in 1991, Rui Cadete Consultores e Auditores Associados, a company that provides accounting and tax consulting service and has experienced a great professional evolution throughout the years with continuous growth in the market, conquered thorough its significant and diverse client's portfolio.

Rui Cadete is affiliated with GBrasil - a group of accounting companies with a national scope. Installed into a modern infrastructure of more than 21.500 square feet of building area, the company is equipped with the latest Information Technology System.

The company provides full support and safety when providing its specialized services, beyond business consulting and solutions which facilitate its clients when making a sustainable development decision.

Client Focused

Committed to meeting our entrepreneur clients needs and legislation requirements, Rui Cadete Consultores offers accounting, tax, payroll an'd financial consulting, along with personalized service and assistance.

Applying the most advanced technological tools available in the market for clear, safer, updated and real time information, Rui Cadete Consultores develops an institutional policy based on creativity, discipline and results which are applied on oriented attitudes, focusing primarily on the client's needs.

A modern organizational structure is provided to Rui Cadete Consultores clients. This structure is divided into Business Units that are specialized in management and consulting, according the proper field of activity. Information and documents received are treated with care, confidentiality and security, ensuring the client's property and integrity.


Aware of the importance on high-performance professionals, committed to a responsible team, happy and engaged with the values of the company culture, Rui Cadete Consultores constantly invests in staff training and update.

The care in selection, development and retaining talents, through career management policies, reward and recognition sense delivers a significant differential in Rui Cadete services final results.

The Rui Cadete Consultores team enables to answer all clients' questions effectively and with legislation consistency, in a timely manner, always seeking to develop a healthy relationship with its clients.

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