Environmental Responsibility

A Rui Cadete abraça o meio ambiente

Rui Cadete Consultores, besides de Social Responsibility is also developing actions worried with the environmental responsibility. Every day we make different actions which seek to show the impact on the environment and stimulate the employees to think about their attitudes.

Among these actions are:

  • 1Stimulating the use of glass, mugs or squeezes to drink some water, avoiding disposable cups to reduce the consumption of plastic material.
  • 2Installation of smart faucets which save up to 60% of water consumption per use.
  • 3Installation of flush toilets with dual function, solid and liquid, which save up to 3 liters of water per use.
  • 4Incentive for electronic documents interchange, through digital files, avoiding printings and use of paper, as well as the use of motorized couriers (saving fuel and reducing greenhouse gas emissions).
  • 5Educative and preventive control of the printings, leading the employees to reflect about the real need of print any document.
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