Social Responsibility

Looking for the company's quality, Rui Cadete Consultores keeps since 2004 the Mãos Compartilhadas Social Project, which has been developing social interventions to improve the reality in a poor community called Santa Fé in the city of Ceará Mirim - RN.

The community is composed of:

  • 6 Families
  • 43 People
  • 50% of Children

The community was chosen as the first recipient of the program because it matches with the purposes of the project, which is to provide for those that live in a social exclusion level, the opportunity to recover their rights through changes proposed and appointed by them.

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For this year, the actions for the community self-sustainability are planned, such as the construction of the community water tank, the viability of irrigation for the garden and the construction and deployment of community bakery store, improving the economic conditions of the group and offering the opportunity to achieve self-sustaining development.


  • 1.well construction
  • 2.creation of the community garden
  • 3.medical care
  • 4.electricity providing
  • 5.inclusion of the families in federal programs of social care
  • 6.incentive for youth and adult literacy
  • 7.replacement of all houses for brickwork
  • 8.building of community area
  • actions for diagnosis and prevention
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